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Every season comes with sneezes, stuffy noses and a thermometer stuck in your mouth. something® for immunity contains an optimized mixture of shiitake, echinacea and copper, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Bless you!

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21 - 23 jul, 2024
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Smak: Honning

Produktet er fri for: GMO, rafinert sukker, gluten og laktose.

100 % mat- og plantebasert.

Størrelse: 7 x 15ml glassampuller

Hvordan bruke

Ta en ampull om dagen i 7 dager. Tas på morgenen. Drikk rent eller bland ut i vann, juice eller rørt inn i feks. grøt eller kokosyoghurt.

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Immunity support:

Maintain a strong immune system for a healthy and productive life all year-round. We recommend a box every 2 months.



Echinacea is a plant from the daisy family and can only be found in eastern and central North America. It is widely used for prevention and treatment of infections of the upper respiratory tract. Studies show its effectiveness in reducing the symptoms and duration of colds. Its components have been described as beneficial for the healthy functioning of the immune system.

Acerola Berry

The acerola berry is rich in vitamin C and therefore often used for cold and flu prevention. 100 g of acerola contain between 1000 and 2330 mg vitamin C, approximately 20 times more that 100 g oranges (57 mg) and kiwi (72 mg). Vitamin C helps the normal functioning of the immune system.


Shiitake, known as Xiang Gu or “fragrant mushroom” in China, is the second most common edible mushroom grown worldwide. It is an important ingredient in Chinese and Japanese cuisine. The health benefits of shiitake are not widely known, but the number and quality of scientific studies are rapidly increasing. Shiitaki has immunomodulatory, antitumor, antiviral properties, as well as effects on cholesterol regulation.


Propolis is a substance produced by bees, consisting of a mixture of resins, wax and pollen. It is used by the bees inside the hive to prevent microbial growth. Based on this feature, propolis is widely used in products for defense and strengthening of the immune system.


Copper is a key mineral. It contributes to the maintenance of normal tissue, to normal iron transport in the body, to normal skin pigmentation, to normal functioning of the immune system and to protect cells against undesired oxidations.