I.AM.caps – Nespressokapsel med Matcha


Bionedbrytbar Nespressokapsel med 100% matcha. I love you so Matcha!



I love you so matcha! Meet I.AM.matcha. This ancient Japanese ingredient is actually powdered green tea. Normally, a matcha drink takes a toolkit to prepare, but with our capsules your beverage will be ready within seconds! This green goodness contains many nutrients that your body will love, like antioxidants and amino acids, such as L-theanine. Matcha does contain some caffeine, but it will most likely not give you the rushy side effects of coffee. I.AM.matcha is perfect for vegans and does not contain any additives. If you would like to sweeten up your drink, we advise you to add some honey, sugar or other sweeteners. You can drink I.AM.matcha as a shot, lungo or with frothed (plant-based) milk.


100% Matcha (Japansk Matcha grønt te-pulver.) Matcha er kompatibel med Nespresso® sine maskiner*
* er en tredjepart som ikke er knyttet til Nestlé eller Nespresso
Produsert i Nederland
100% nedbrytbare kapsler
Ingen aluminium – Ingen kaffe – Ingen tilsetninger

Om I.AM.caps

I.AM.caps was founded by three generations of life enthusiasts in search for alternatives to coffee. They were determined to offer a healthy refreshment in the form of a capsule. Different flavors and bright colors, in order to spread happiness and love to every single person on this planet. They seem to be on to something…

I.AM.caps kommer i 5 forskjellige smaker: Matcha, Ginger, Turmeric, Beetroot og Chai

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1 kapsel = 2g 1 eske = 20g

Hvordan bruke?

Put kapsel i maskin. Trykk på start. Varm opp og tilsett valgfri plantebasert melk om ønskelig.

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