Oh, Hello!
Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

On the following page you will get to know Oh Yes and the founders Elisabeth and Annette. We will tell you our story, and establish an understanding of why we are certain that we are the best match for your brand in Norway. 

We have included a Norwegian market overview and distribution strategy in terms of verticals—and of course a little bit about our thoughts surrounding sales and marketing to support our strategy.

Who are we?

Oh Yes by E + A is an importer, distributor and marketer of healthy and delicious food and lifestyle products within the Norwegian Market. We say yes to products that are sustainable, healthy and delicious. Without compromise.

Our Mission

«Our mission is to inspire Norwegians to say yes to sustainably sourced health enhancing products, free from unnecessary nonsense, preferably organic, without ever compromising on quality and design.»

Our Vision

Being one of the leading wellness distributors in Norway we will increase both awareness, knowledge and demand for high quality products that are kind to the planet as well as the human body, contributing to making the world a better place.

Naturlig glutenfritt

gluten free

Plantebasert/ fri for dyreprodukter

Plant based
and natural

Bærekraftig produserte produkter

Fair and sustainable

Produkter som smaker fantastisk

Tastes amazing

Produkter med vakker og spennende innpakning

Beautiful branding and packaging

Fri for kjemikalier og kunstige tilsetninger

free from additives and fillers

Our Business Model

As a full service partner we cover import, sales, distribution and local marketing activities. Covering the entire B2B aspect in terms off targeting all potential stockists and wholesales—but also covering marketing towards consumers.

By handling the import we are able to offer our customers international brands at a predictable price quoted in NOK, and by acting as an importer with a buy in of stock we have the flexibility to adjust prices to meet market demand and optimize sales.

We will handle all sales- and marketing activities within the Norwegian market that contributes to increasing product awareness and demand, given that we are supplied with the marketing support and material needed from our suppliers to succeed with this. We believe that supporting active sales activities by creating relevant content and being present in relevant physical- and digital space is key to success.

Upon agreement we reserve the single right to operate with the specific products towards the Norwegian market, under the condition that we deliver upon common goals set together with our partner supplier.

Oh, hello there! — We Are E + A

Elisabeth Holst Nyström

A marketing professional with a passion for clean living. 10 years experience within food and beverage operations as well as 5 years experience in direct sales and marketing. Her most recent experience was working as a Campaign Manager for one of the leading hotel companies of the Nordics; Nordic Choice Hotels.

Annette Holst

A marketing professional and graphic designer — with passion for clean, wholesome food.
5 years experience as a marketing coordinator for Norway’s leading organic food company; Kolonihagen, where she contributed in developing Kolonihagen’s own organic product line which Was recently launched in the major Retail chain REMA 1000.

 Distribution strategy:
Below you will find an outline of the market and the different verticals we consider relevant and will be approaching 

Each vertical shows a few examples of some of the more well known chains and independents. Our CRM base has 200+ accounts in each vertical, and we are 100% transparent towards our supplier about which accounts we are targeting and status. We will also tweak and tailor each strategy with each brand to ensure we are approaching the market in the most appropriate way.

Lifestyle, fashion, interior, design

Health-, eco-, fine food and zero waste


Health, fitness


Below is an example of our launch strategy, which we carefully plan with each supplier


approaching the 60+ accounts we already have distribution to with both direct sales and newsletter

Newsletter to our 300+ prospect reseller base

Inspiring content in digital channels: Own web + Social

Invite launch event


Launch Event: press, reseller + influencers

Press release + other planned PR activities

Trade Fair: Oslo Design Fair

Reminder newsletter to resellers

Active sales to existing and new accounts

Marketing: Digital content, Paid Social + influencers


Continuous sales targeting existing and new accounts on a weekly basis (sales reporting to supplier on a monthly basis)

Digital content, paid social and influencer marketing

Always consider events and PR activities

Demos and campaigns in store

Thank you!

We strongly believe that we together could rock the Norwegian market with our common interest and love for health and beauty that makes you feel oh, so good. So, thank you once again for taking the time to go through our presentation. We look forward to continue this journey towards the Norwegian market together!