Tangent GC

Tangent GC sin franskproduserte såpe er laget kun med naturlige ingredienser som rene vegetabilske oljer, cellulose, salt og vann. Ingen farger, tilsetninger, konserveringsmidler eller petrokjemikalier. Hver såpe er infusert med en parfymert olje, som alle dufter himmelsk og rent.

Following the launch of two additional hand soaps, Tangent GC has introduced a new line in their organic skin care range. The two new items from Tangent GC are perfumed organic hand creams — crafted with pure vegetable lipids, fragranced using matching tulip and fir perfumes.

Silky, light and very absorbent. Long-lasting and deeply nurturing. Light and rich at the same time. Could that possibly work? Tangent GC set out to join these two seemingly incompatible qualities together. They called the process “the art of touch” – aspiring to a palpable difference. A hand cream that not only cares and moisturizes, but also frees you up, as the lipids remain dispensed and skin-deep. Now, the results are in!

We present additions to our perfumed, organic skin care range. The TGC300 body wash and TGC400 body lotion. Both are based on natural ingredients of the highest quality. Our small batch production, subject to medical standard, is perfumed with our established set of fragrances: Oud, yuzu, tulip and fir.

TGC300 body wash is made in France. It contains lots of glycerine and almond oil, leaving your skin both soft and moisturized. TGC400 body lotion contains caring ingredients like shea butter, sun flower oil and rejuvenating witch hazel water. This lotion reduces flaking and makes your skin supple.

The two new products used together form a natural skin care system for the whole body.

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